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This 2016 does not have a list of purposes (I love making lists but I have left them for the new year).

I was talking to my friend Gurutze about the drama of generating expectations in things and people, life is like that movie that everyone tells you is great and when you get to the movies you have put so many expectations in it that even if it’s good, You already look like a bluff.

We are not for frustrations and less for unreal demands.

Expectations not, but illusions yes, the illusion that is not lacking …

Gabriel Garcia Marquez    

                                    Illusion generated by the new board of directors of the ASACO association .

I know them, they have strength, personality and a huge desire to make society aware of gynecological cancers and that patients get involved again with a project that, as they say, – “it is not from a board of directors but from us patients – ”

ASACO Nodramapausia

Illusion for those who can not take hormone replacement therapy to have a normal and satisfactory sexuality.

The injection of  promises to be the solution for that itching of vaginal atrophy (can someone call it another way please?); It lasts as the treatment of the face, between 6 months and a year.

As soon as I can, I’m going to become Cher, but the other way around. Less treated on the outside and more on the inside …

Illusion that my favorite psychologist Fatima Castaño ,  (whom I have the pleasure of meeting in person but I am on Twitter) and my beloved  (to which I already have as a tradition not congratulate them for Christmas) ) for the new book they are going to bring to light.

It is a book dedicated to our couples.

Yes, yes, those that hold stoics or come out shouting at the first exchange, those that are your biggest support or your biggest nightmare, those that only look for you or only look for them …

They have decided to write the book so that it is a question of two, not a matter of white or black if not of gray; to understand what we feel, so that whatever your situation you have tools, to give our partners the prominence they deserve because they are an important part also of our healing.

As you always have our collaboration through different social networks you can see it here .

Nodramapausia Trilogy

Illusion that made me go on TV in the program “This is Life” of TVE , talking about .

My medium is not television, but I have to thank Natalia Alvarez de Invitra who thought of me and itziar Velasco program writer patience alleviating the insecurity that the recording produced (I did not even remember the message I had transmitted) with the subsequent panic attack, which Itziar resolved with all the professionalism and sweetness possible.


But above all I was excited to feel that empathy, that spark that makes you feel look in the eyes of someone who is going through the same as you, even for other reasons, is called Monica and has a Facebook page with its corresponding blog. United, we will never be defeated.

Illusion which will make me see grow in 2016 an initiative in which the active patient is the protagonist.

Pedro Soriano was the creator of #FFPaciente , a label that in social networks is putting in contact all kinds of patients, spreading the initiatives, the events in which the patient is the center. Today is Friday and it is our day on Twitter . What are you waiting for to know us?

#FF Patient

Illusion that has made me receive all the Christmas messages (I am a disaster with the mobile you already know me) with all those good wishes. 

But above all the message that has made me more excited is that you, Carmen, you’re fine, again on the road of yellow tiles … I ask Totó and the cowardly lion we throw him out of the gang (think what my friend Alfonso thinks who is a fan of “that mat with legs”)!

Illusion-desire that I have to see my nephew grow.

He asked for Reyes only a Lego doll, little surprises and that “The Kings would throw magic to the aunt when she was asleep so that she would have a good morning” . As well as I will not have illusion! We are on January 8 but I still feel the magic of their Majesties of the East, I begin to find better …

2016 you are my great illusion !!!

2016 May the force be with you

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