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Everyone in the face of illness, a loss of work, a failure to love, or not living the life we ​​want makes us feel imprisoned. This prison is sometimes golden, sometimes iron, and often a waste of time. It is exactly the feeling that reflects this phrase, what we sometimes feel that prevents us from achieving freedom. Frustration, paralysis and impotence comes. It must be at that precise moment when we must be responsible and make a plan to escape from our situation, it can even be a flight from ourselves since the “psyche” is usually our only companion cell.

Therefore, do a third degree to your qualities and leave in that prison everything that is preventing you from living how you know how to live. No demagoguery, no supermen-women, no absurd positivism of social networks cups and phrases that do not stop repeating and that only make you put an impossible and lead to isolation.

You are much more than a cancer patient, a precocious menopause, an employee or a mother. We are many things at once. What happens is that we ignore it and in the majority of occasions during our life we ​​focus on a only quality, in fact when we are in a limited situation we always react in the opposite way to how we thought. Stop making lists and crush for unfulfilled goals.

Please do not lie to others and most importantly do not lie to yourself. Before doing so, shut up, play sports or create a garden. Only one exception: those people who are toxic and do not let you breathe … then lie like a scoundrel, be hypocritical only once and stay away. But lie to yourself ever.

There are no bad emotions, only those that are not expressed or are poorly managed. I do not like to give lessons, to show you the film “Del Revés” is already there.

You are the judge of your life but do not carry the deck all the time creating sentences. Find a friend or someone from your tax family to accompany you to hell and at the same time be a lawyer when you need to be promoted.

Unfortunately life has rules and putadas, flees from plans that like a Hollywood movie does not have them.

Everything has the presumption of expiration unless it is proven otherwise. But if this lesson you learn quickly you will save time:


Be flexible, rigid thoughts are life imprisonment. Resilience friend, resilience.

Life will always change your plan, that’s the fun.

Believe, we all have a creative side. The secret is in the desire …

Escape from people who make up the reality when it is not favorable and use masks according to the occasion. Value transparency although a priori is not to your liking, you will save yourself trouble and your environment will be worthy.

Stop trying to convince those who do not think like you, to pretend that certain people understand you, do not criticize and surround yourself with people who join you.

In the end, as my uncle says, only love remains.

These are the tools that have worked for me, the most likely thing is that they do not work for you or that they do not work for me tomorrow. I do not like the “success recipes” and the self-help books, in my opinion they are a lie. The safest thing is that if you acquire freedom, be without having fulfilled any of them. In fact. What would make me happy is that you will enjoy real moments of freedom throughout your life without having paid any attention to me, you will have found your own way.

I’m going in search of my Blue Unicorn that like Silvio Rodriguez for too many years that was lost to me. Maybe I’ll find it and I’ll ride in the rainbow, maybe I will come back frustrated because I did not find it, or I will contemplate the rhinos, which are more real and have more curves than the Unicorns.

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