How to Grow Marijuana: Cancer Patients Resources

With Cancer taking away many of our loved ones and leaving the ones left here to suffer the medical field is slowly realizing that marijuana is a too commonly overlooked asset that can aide in ones struggle with cancer. Today we want to talk to you about growing marijuana for cancer patients.

We realize that income can take a toll while on chemo or other cancer treatments so purchasing marijuana even if you have a prescription may not be a easy task. Have you ever considered growing your own marijuana?

How To Grow Marijuana at Home: The Beginners Guide

We are going to keep it really short and sweet here on NO Drama Pausia as we are not experts in growing marijuana. We’ve found some resources that will aide you in ensuring that you get your first cannabis crop up and growing in no time. There are various guides around the web that will show you step by step how to setup a proper grow room.


From what we have read, you should use Quality Nutrients to grow marijuana if you wish for it to grow to its optimum potential.

How to dose Marijuana Once I do Grow It?

You should purchase a nice Water Pipe or Hand Pipe from a reputable local head shop or Online Head Shop 


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