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There is no congress, talk, or day in which the question, what do you think about the Angelina case? do not expose yourself. Doctors always raise their eyebrows when asking this kind of questions to patients. No wonder, one of them told me that he had already witnessed in his practice the drama of patients without any need and without any previous study. They would have proposed a mastectomy for the sole fact of suffering the fear of falling ill.

Jolie returns to be generous telling her case, this time has touched the prophylactic oophorectomyto have a risk of ovarian cancer. Many have taken the judge’s deck and criticized him. Yes gentlemen, she has a privileged position but we can not forget that the disease is who you are, whatever you have, it equals us all. Each one is the result of your circumstances and if we analyze what she lives … an industry that marginalizes the actresses arrive at certain ages, whose females charge half of their peers or are reified reaching a point where they only value for their body or the model of turn, that an actress like Angelina says she has undergone a mastectomy and that it no longer has ovaries has its value. Value not from the courage of the actress (who also,


Many women have learned that the BRCA1 and 2 genes exist because of their disclosure and even though they have gone in an alarmist tone to their gynecologist. Welcome! But we must also know that only 10-12% of cancers are genetic and that even having mutated the gene, the disease may or may not appear, having to also analyze the family history, each case being different. So it is essential that you submit to the advice of your doctor and you reach the responsibility of alternative medicine that every woman should do.

Faced with this situation, the actress is privileged … she will be able to take hormone treatment for her precocious menopause . The majority of women who have suffered cancer if this is hormone-dependent can not do it and we suffer the drama of facing it without any help. If gynecological cancer is usually taboo, early menopause is taboo to the square … nobody talks about it.


This post is dedicated to the person who provoked the other day that my friend Laura desperate made an appeal on Facebook asking for more empathy and not to demand it more than before because it is not anymore.

Women with precocious menopause:

1. We differ from women who have the process at 50 years of age in which our estrogenic deficiency has more serious repercussions when the action of the ovaries is abruptly and totally suppressed. The estrogenic fall is violent, losing the ovarian production of androgens, leading to a more intense estrogenic deficit because the conversion of androgens into estrogens can not be carried out through the metabolism in fat.

2. The symptoms are more intense, early and are expressed more critically due to the absence of biological adaptation of the organism.

3. If we study the impact of menopause on women, it is essential to distinguish not only those neurovegetative and genitourinary symptoms associated with estrogen deficiency, but also that they are facing a new situation that implies psychological readjustments. The quality of life of women with surgical menopause is much more affected than those with natural menopause.

4. How another of our friends said we are maxipalusic. We have learned so much, life has given us a turn that you do not miss anything that we can contribute. Maybe you miss the person we were before but with such a complaint you are missing what we are now. And believe me, we have a lot that give after the experience.

5. Currently, according to the WHO, ” the concept of health is not limited to the physiological functioning of the organism, but it encompasses the characteristics of the individual who manifests himself when facing life, as well as the regularities of the social environment in which he lives “. We have already done our part facing and adapting to our new situation so we ask our environment to have empathy and understanding, since they have a fundamental role in our health.

6. Do not pity us! Join us! As my friend Chana says, we’re in fashion! and not because of Angelina Jolie but because we are starting to listen and what we say is very important … it can save lives!

And you … what do you have to say to your environment about early or surgical menopause?

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