Multidisciplinary teams UFOs or reality?


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My friend Álvaro can not turn his neck, but it’s his fault …
Drunk by the beaches of Cádiz a mojito and by a very pretty Asian, he gave himself a massage in a hammock by someone who is not trained to manipulate his “back road map” “Thanks to a scoliosis that like me, carries from adolescence.
“They have massaged my neck so much that I almost left it as ET” – he said. I’m sorry Álvarito but you’ve looked for it, it seems a lie that you have in your group of lifelong friends physiotherapists.


Intrusions are a very big problem for our health. But the real drama that often leads us to take wrong paths is misinformation. And who should guide us on this path? … of course, a doctor, since in health issues it is the highest authority. But is a multidisciplinary team really treating our ailments?

Since I am Dramapausia I have needed:


  1. gynecologist (in which I performed regular annual check-ups and where I went when things started to go wrong). Currently also takes care of my pelvic floor , which as you know is affected by menopause .
  2. An oncologist (who treats me for  )
  3. gynecologist-surgeon-oncologist (this was my first discovery since I did not know that this specialization existed, it is important that if you have a gynecological cancer, a specialist will treat you).
  4. A psychologist specialized in oncology, that is, a psycho-oncologist .
  5. A psychologist specialized in sexology ( sexologist ) since our sex life is affected.
  6.  Angiologist and vascular specialist . I have varicose veins and a small lymphedema in the legs due to the operation
  7. Endocrine (my thyroid stopped working) which led me to a dietitian (another discovery since I believed that who put the diet was the doctor). With corticoids and menopause I have gained weight and I have become aware of the impact that has a good food in my health.
  8. traumatologist and rehabilitative doctor due to my risk of having osteoporosis , kyphosis (my usual chepita that with  can grow) and my muscle pain.
  9. Physiotherapists , I say it in the plural since we have to look for specialization, the techniques we require are very delicate and we need physiotherapists who have completed a master’s degree.
  10. Physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor . Physiotherapist specialized in Lymphoedema. Physiotherapist specialized in Osteopathy.
  11. Social worker , luckily I met my admired Diego Villalón who has advised me on labor reintegration, issues of disability, dependence, adoption procedures.
  12. Dermatologist since I have had hair on my face, spots and menopause has changed my skin.
  13.  Physical preparation. … also here we should look for specialization because in a gym we could hurt ourselves and we should exercise our muscle groups. Soraya Caslas, licensed in physical and sports activities with her Women in Motion program,  is demonstrating that the first medical pre-registration should be sports.
  14. Hairdressers, beauticians and cosmetics especially for us.
  15. Specialists in fertility  since you can opt for the Vitrification of ovules ( IVI for cancer patients is free), and advice on ovodonation if you preserve your uterus.
  16. Cardiologist because without estrogen our cardiovascular health is resentful and we have to practice preventive medicine.
  17. Genetic study to see if I have genetic load.
  18. Dramapausias, oncogirls and wonderful people since we need a mattress of people who really understand us.

This is my “sprint juana palomo” in recent years! Just as one is not going to empower! I say “juana palomo” because from point number 4 I have been looking for myself alone … according to the dramas that came to me, informing me (I have it a little easier because I am a health professional) or being very heavy with the specialist who was in front of me. .

The theory is very beautiful; It is true that I have met with doctors who work in a multidisciplinary way but it is usually in subjects related to their specialty. It is very rare that a doctor without you asking or counseling you to refer the cardiologist exercising preventive medicine. And in social security in many cases there are no figures to which I refer in the list, with the consequent expense for us Dramapausias.Por that I appeal first to doctors and specifically to the family doctor who sees us many times and is the one that can derive in a better way; to the patient associations that should have in their teams or volunteering with the professionals whose access is more difficult or implies a higher cost for the patients; and to ourselves,

Therefore, Álvarito … the specialist! .

And you … has a multidisciplinary team dealt with you or have you had to fight for it?


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