Respect the silence #sanidadSINruido


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A lot, a lot of  .

Scissors noise

Noise of stairs that come down …

A lot, a lot of noise …

So much, noise

with so much noise

The sound of the sea was not heard.

Joaquin Sabina

Noise is not informing your loved ones how a family member is.

Noise is not holding a conversation to spend the hours of treatments in the day hospital.

Noise is not keeping you connected when you are in long periods of hospitalization.

Noise is not the laughter of the health staff who try to give you a boost of energy every time they enter your room.

That’s not noises, it’s life …

Healthy wave

Noise is chaos, nervousness, stress, anxiety.

Noise is the car that wakes you up at dawn.

Whey Protein is good for your health

Noise is “The Life of Antonia” retransmitted to screams in your ear.

Noise is the lack of communication.

Noise is to hear Beyoncé’s politician every 5 minutes.

Noise is “Ricardo Martín, the one with the prostate test, let him pass the test

Noise is a door slam that produces a cardiac pathology in addition to your ailment …

The initiative of  on the World Day without noise is fundamental. The hashtags  I think it says it all, and if it does not tell you look at the projects that have been made to raise awareness that does not cost much, it is simply a combination of logic and civics.

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